Rêveur is an event series combining disco and funk parties, art exhibitions and live concerts.

The event series was founded in 2019 by Laura Santucci and Alina Cherubin at Barracuda Bar Cologne. After two successful events, Rêveur moved to a bigger location and found its new home at the legendary Roxy Club in Cologne, Germany. It was important to the two founders to create a place where people could come together, express themselves and consume art in an unbiased atmosphere. On the other hand, they want to offer a stage for the most diverse artists and musicians to present their art to a broad audience. For this purpose they invite not only regional but also international artists.


After the event took place regularly at Roxy, the club had to close its doors after 46 years of club history with the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. The last Rêveur on 07/03/2020 should not only become the tribute farewell party for the club, but also temporarily for the event series itself. After a break of now over two years, during which the two founders found new homes in Paris and Berlin, Rêveur will now also come back to life.

A multidisciplinary approach is used to design the brand. It is important for the two founders to create as much as possible with tangible materials and to digitalize the designs for further processing. All posters are sprinkled by hand with biodegradable glitter of our official partner NatureGlitz.

NatureGlitz is a woman-owned business from Austria. They produce biodegradable glitter from the cellulose of the eucalyptus plant. Unlike conventional glitter, which is pure microplastic, with NatureGlitz one can glitter plastic-free and sustainable.